We Like Them Girls is the 26th YFM song. It was made entirely out of Legos, and came out February 1st.


  • It is the second non-animated song.
  • It is the 2nd time we see Benatar's, 3rd time we see Deejay's and 1st time we see Axel's eyes.
  • Benatar being on an ostrich references their line "At least two fucking limbs, and one is a leg!". WTF???
  • Forrest Whaley, A.K.A. Forrestfire01 helped make it, and is an expert at Lego videos.
  • When Ray said he left in February to work on a project, this could be the project.
  • This is the second time Benatar raps, the first one being Shitty G.


WE LIKE THEM GIRLS (dir. by Forrest Whaley)


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